Orosei Marble, Its Varieties And Use

Orosei Marble, also known as Breccia Sarda, Biancone, Diana Royal marble, Daino Reale, Perlato Olimpo and Imperial marble, is a very versatile, well-loved, and commonly used material among Italian marbles. This natural stone is quarried, molded, and polished to perfection and is used in various parts of building construction, interior design, furniture design, and more.

Marble stone, in its rawest form, is extracted from quarries and Italy is known for producing some of the best of this calcareous stone around the world. Out of all the types of marble out there, Orosei marble is one of the most popular. It’s prized from the Italian island of Sardinia and is known for its distinctive varieties and amazing physical and mechanical properties.

Orosei marble is sold in blocks and slabs and can be fashioned into tiles, countertops, tabletops, and more. It’s an amazing construction stone but can also be used for ornamentation as well. Its elegant beige color is derived from the inclusion of fossils of shells, corals and other organisms. Further, we’ll take a closer look at some of its use.

Orosei Marble For Interior Projects

Orosei marble for interior projects

Orosei marble can feature beautiful horizontal or oblique veining. It’s entirely beige, but its texture has a gorgeously contrasting overtones. This makes it perfect for featuring in interior projects.

This kind of Italian marble is perfect for a book-match format, where multiple slabs are installed in a mirror-image scheme. That’s because it allows the classic linear veining to stand out and become the highlight of the room. You can also use it as a floor covering. These marble slabs can be cut to customized sizes, so you can design a personalized floor pattern with them.

Orosei marble can be used to create statement-worthy feature walls and fireplace mantles. It can also be used to add a timeless touch to your kitchen countertops. If you’re opting for a kitchen island or a customized table, then this marble stone can be used to evoke an elegant touch to them all.

Orosei Marble For Book-Match Installations

Orosei marble for book-match installations

Orosei marble can sometimes boast a fascinating cloudy beige façade. It’s pale coloring and distinctive, asymmetric texture makes for some really pleasant visuals. It’s the kind of natural stone that can evoke a soft, beautiful polish in any space that it’s featured in.

The reason why this marble slab is so distinguished is because it’s enriched with onyx intrusions, which lend it that extra, eye-catching charisma. This type of marble would look stunning in various interior design elements. It would make for a gorgeous book-match installation on a feature wall and your kitchen countertops or backsplash would definitely appreciate its swanky, polished appeal.

Other than that, you can customize slabs of this marble to design your floors. From clean, straight-cut tiles to rustic flagstone style edges, this natural stone can be fashioned into any and all tile styles that you like.

Orosei Marble For Residential And Commercial Developments

Orosei marble for exterior projects
When it comes with its limestone infusions, the light beige color of this natural stone is embellished with fascinating “snow flurry” designs. It has a very lovely aesthetic that would look absolutely on-point in residential and commercial exterior designs.

This marble has a very light, elegant look, so it’s great for creating refreshing statement walls. You can clad an astonishing feature wall, but it can also be installed in modern interior installations, and you can cut it in customized patterned to create wonderful backsplash and floor finish patterns.

Other than that, it’s excellent for tabletop and countertop designs. You can have the marble slab sealed and polished to deliver a sleek, contemporary look. With tabletops, you can even cut it in various styles to create a customized pattern. A similar thing can be done with backsplashes.

Orosei Marble For Building Exterior

Orosei marble for building exterior

This light color marble is incredibly versatile and often features a soft beige coloring with uniform specks textured all across its surface. It has a pearly coloration that looks excellent in both interior and exterior designs. Its no-slip surface treatments include raw sanding and bush-hammering, making it ideal for spaces that see a lot of wear and tear.

Aside from typical kitchen countertops and islands, this marble can also be used to clad wall niches, oversized statement walls, and other types of feature-wall ventures. You can also use it to introduce beautiful accents in your building exterior. Other residential uses run the gamut of custom marble mosaics, kitchen backsplashes, fireplace claddings, and floor finishes.

Aside from that, this version of Orosei marble is also commonly used in commercial and large-scale projects. From banks, restaurants, and hotels to corporate offices, you can incorporate it in various big ventures.

These are a few different types of Orosei marbles and how they can be integrated in various interior design and architectural ventures. We hope this guide helps you pick the most perfect version for your project.

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