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From blocks to marble flooring to design collections.


We produce and market blocks and semi-blocks in all the main types of Orosei marble: Nuvolato, Venato, Perlato, medium and commercial Fiocco di Neve. The blocks come in variable gangsaw sizes so they can be processed into differently sized slabs. The semi- and/or shapeless blocks are instead mainly utilized to make flooring. All blocks can be seen and inspected at our Orosei offices.


With output of some 80,000 square meters per year, we offer slabs 2 to 3 cm thick in all the different varieties of Orosei marble. On request, slabs can be ordered with surfaces different from the standard polished and in thickness different from the 2 to 3 cm. All the material available can be viewed at our Affi (Verona) showroom.


All flooring pieces are made and processed at the Simin plant in Orosei. We supply the main commercial products in different thicknesses and with different surfaces: polished, smoothed, brushed, sanded, bush hammered, Silky and Velvet.

Customized products and Sardegna Marmi Design collections

We provide room for customer creativity, guaranteeing products cut-to-size for the project and adapting our own products to the most varied requirements.
Versatile and naturally elegant stones, Sardinian marbles can become elements of trendy décor and enhance interiors and exteriors. The Sardegna Marmi Design collection valorizes Orosei marbles and the Black Secret and Silver Moon in unusual, stylish products.


Extra and 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade, standard size in cm:
Length 220 – 320 | Height 120 – 200 | Width 150 – 200/250


Standard sizes in cm:
Length 220 – 320 | Height 120 – 200 | Width 2/3 – 10
Other thicknesses available on request.
Raw, polished, other surfaces on request.


Standard piece sizes in cm:
60x30x1.5 – 30x30x1.5 – 80x40x1.5 – 60x40x1.5 – 50x50x1.5 – 60x60x1.5
Raw, smoothed, polished, brushed, bush hammered, sanded, antiqued.
Marble tiles: polished, beveled and gauged.
Standard sizes in cm:
30.5×30.5×1 – 40.5×40.5×1 – 61×30.5.x1 – 45.7×45.7×1


Sizes and surfaces established on the basis of customer requests and individual designs.

Cut to size

From Sardegna Marmi Design collections to products customized on the basis of the customer’s design, we guarantee formats and sizes meeting individual requirements.