Surface Finishing For The Orosei Marble And Its Use: Sanding, Bush-Hammering, Brushing, Silky, Velvet

The surface finishing for the Orosei marble is varied. People love the sheer diversity and versatility of this multi-purpose building material, but not many are educated about how marble can be treated in various ways to create different finishes. Most just stick with sealant and polishes, but that’s just one very tiny end of the spectrum.

From slabs to tiles and even blocks, this charming natural stone has paved the path for new and innovative applications, and today, we’ll be looking at every surface finishing that can be applied to it. From various textures to unique appearances, there’s a lot that you can do. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones out there:


Sanding Finishing For The Orosei Marble

Out of all the surface finishing for the Orosei marble, sanding is where you can get extra support along with an artfully rough-hewn texture. The end result of the sanding process results in a uniform surface grip – it makes the slab raw, but not jagged.

One of the main benefits of sanding marble is that it gives the surface just the right amount of traction. This reduces that sleek, slipperiness and makes the marmo more viable to be used in a large variety of projects.

For example, sanded marble is perfect for using on outdoor floors, especially on pool sides, open-to-sky patios, and even contemporary garden pathways. The rough surface won’t let you slip as you walk on it and merges well with the outdoor scenery.

Sanded marble is also great for using in commercial buildings that see a lot of foot traffic. Corporate buildings with lots of employees are also a great place to feature such tiles on the floor. Sanded marble is also great for using on building exteriors, as it won’t need as much maintenance or polishing. You might clad an entire exterior feature wall in it, or simply use it to add beautiful accents.

Bush Hammering

Bush hammering Finishing For The Orosei Marble

Another popular type of surface finishing for the Orosei marble includes bush hammering. This treatment is usually applied to natural stone by striking a bush hammer on its surface. It results in an irregular texture that emphasizes the tonal variations on the stone surface. This type of a finish looks especially well on Orosei marble slabs because of their beautiful, naturally occurring beige shades.

Marble, as a whole, is a multi-purpose building material, but bush hammered tiles and slabs are especially curated for exterior application only. The sculpted, rough, and no-slip treatment is perfect for cladding commercial and residential buildings alike. You can use oversized bush hammered slabs to create bold facades or you can use smaller slabs to deliver beautiful accents.


Brushing Finishing For The Orosei Marble

Out of all the surface finishing for the Orosei marble out there, brushing is the one that is especially recommended for interior use only. It’s a texture finish that is applied to the natural stone to create a soft, smooth façade. The great thing about this finish is that it’s very pleasing to touch and doesn’t catch on your clothes. You can get brushed daino real marble in either a shiny or an opaque finish.

The casually worn aesthetic of this finish is perfect for flooring as well as facing. It can be applied to kitchen counters, can be customized to create beautiful statement walls where the stone has been cut into beautiful shapes, and can also be used on contemporary tabletops.

As for floors, you can either get brushed square or rectangular tiles for a classic look. Or you can also have it cut in custom shapes to design a personalized floor pattern.


Brushing Finishing For The Orosei Marble

Orosei marble is often fine treated to create a silky or satin finish. This type of marble treatment helps create an irregular relief on the surface, which makes the natural stone feel rather rustic and antiquated.

This finish is also very soft to the touch. It’s plain smoothness leans on the matte side and only reflects a little bit of light.

Silky marble is best featured in interior designs. It can be used to create wonderful feature walls, can be clad in small or large niches. It can also be used as a smooth, polished floor finish in any kind of pattern that you want.


Velvet Finishing For The Orosei Marble
This type of marble finish has a very unique and sumptuous visual effect. It adds a subtle wave to the surface and is beautifully uneven. Aside from the gorgeous visual effects, this finish is also very soft to the touch and feels heavenly to put your hands on.

Velvet finish for Orosei marble is recommended for interiors only. It’s smooth, lush effect will look positively stunning in a statement wall with tiles that are cut and clad in customized patterns.

Aside from facing, it can also be used in flooring application. Once again, you can use the marble tiles to create conventional or personalized floor patterns.

So, these are all the finishes that can be applied to the Orosei marble. We hope this piece gives you more insight into which one is suited for what purpose.

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