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The Group

The Sardegna Marmi Group has three companies, In.Pro.Mar., In.Ma.Sa. and S.IM.IN., owners of the largest quarries on the island and since the 1960s specialized in the various stages of Sardinian marble production and sales: extraction, processing, finishing and marketing. In fact, the growing demand for premium building materials led us over the years not only to quarry the marble but also to process it in order to offer an extremely high quality product.

The marble that comes from an ancient land.

With its millenniums of history and magical landscapes, Sardinia is a marvelous, untainted territory: from mountains to sea, to forests and the loveliest beaches in the Mediterranean. The premium marble that this land offers is the result of the transformation process of limestone, commonly known as “metamorphism”. Every marble that is formed in the world is different precisely because is it created by different external forces: atmospheric agents, pressure and temperature crystalize the properties of the stone itself, generating this material with unique characteristics. Sardinia is rich in premium stones like marble, granite, basalt, trachyte and travertine. Among the different types of marble, Orosei is the main one and is particularly admired for its chromatic and physical-mechanical features.


Our work: quarrying, processing and finishing marble.

Passion, expertise and a bond with the land are the elements distinctive of our work, which has three stages: extracting, processing and finishing marble.
Ownership of Sardinia’s biggest marble quarries enables us to ensure the highest reliability even for large-scale supply. Every year 300,000 tons are extracted from the different quarries, all equipped with the most up-to-date machinery and facilities.


From bench tipping over to cutting and dimension sawing and squaring into blocks we perform all the work of extraction with the utmost efficiency, using the most sophisticated machinery. The blocks of marble are extracted by cutting the bed of rock with a diamond wire for vertical cuts and chain saws for the horizontal. The work is done on 11 to 12 quarry fronts at the same time to guarantee the availability of all types of Orosei marble.


We make slabs, flooring elements, tiles, modular pieces, skirting, strips, facing for exteriors and interiors as well as cut-to-size pieces tailored to customer requirements.

Surface finishing

All the finishing treatments are given in Sardinia in our Orosei processing plants. With 90 employees, led by an expert technical staff, we perform all the work ourselves, from processing the raw stone to polishing, smoothing, bush hammering, antiquing and sanding.


The group’s companies apply ISO 9001:2015 Quality System standards to their processes.

Sardegna Marmi utilizes CE (EC) marking, faithfully conforming to legal requisites (EU Regulation 305 of 2011, adopted in Italy by Legislative Decree 106 issued on June 16, 2017) and issuing the pertinent Performance Declaration that is compulsory for product marketing in Europe.