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The quarries

With an abundant and premium variety of rocks from the most diverse geological eras, such as granites, volcanic rocks and different types of marble – unique in color, patterns and resistance – Sardinia offers stones different from those in other parts of Italy and the world.

Our quarries in Orosei, at the feet of Monte Tuttavista.

When you look at a slab of Orosei marble you can easily note its pale veining, in variable shapes and extents, owing to the sequence of calcareous and dolomitic rock beds. And taking a closer look you can really admire the features making it truly unique: fossils of shells, corals and other organisms. In addition to its great resistance and versatility.

Orosei is the site of the Group’s principal quarries – In.Pro.Mar. and In.Ma.Sa. – equipped with the most up-to-date machinery and facilities and considered the largest in the sector. Here 200,000 tons of Sardinian marble are extracted and worked each year.
Covering some 6 hectares (15 acres), the In.Pro.Mar. quarry is the largest and produces all the varieties of Daino: Nuvolato, Perlato and Fiocco di Neve. Given quarry size, the marble can be extracted from several fronts at the same time, ensuring constant supply. Here extraction work is under development and is being done on the first quarry levels, demonstrating not only the extent of the marble’s availability but also guaranteeing future production. The In.Ma.Sa. quarry instead covers about 4 hectares (10 acres) and at present is the most productive. Work is done simultaneously on 10 to 11 fronts and produces about 200 blocks per month, again in all the types of Daino: Venato, Nuvolato, Perlato and Fiocco di Neve.

Our quarry in the Sulcis-Inglesias area.

Nuxis is the only quarry producing dark marble, two materials with special chromatics: black Black Secret and the elegant gray crystalline marble, Silver Moon. These marbles have unusual crystalline veining, on black in the case of Black Secret and in chromatic variations tending to black in Silver Moon. These characteristics make these two marbles truly unique.